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04/18/1959 - 02/04/2011
Sabrina Blanc passed away at the Home Health Aid, a place where she worked during her last years, after the two years of corageous battle with cancer.
07/22/1952 - 05/29/2007
Connie Westerfield was our beloved wife, mother and grandmother. She was a very kind-hearted woman who touched the lives of many. She left this world May 29, 2007 at Carilion Bedford Memorial Hospital.
05/08/1970 - 07/13/2009
Kevin Buskirk was born May 8, 1970 in Charleston, SC, and was tragically taken away from us on July 13, 2009.
02/08/1952 - 04/22/2009
Monica Howell, 57, of Jordan, Utah, was surrounded by friends and family as she peacefully passed away April 22, 2009, at home after a long, courageous battle with cancer.
05/12/1982 - 03/22/2011
Kira Basset was a kind beautiful soul, it was effortless to love her. Loved by so many, she has gone so young. Heaven is blessed with someone very special like she.
09/27/1936 - 08/25/1999
Valerie Bush was a great educator, mentor, loving wife and mother, who left this world too sudden, leaving to mourn all those who knew her.
11/11/1923 - 08/15/2011
Clark Stewart was a pressman in Ocean press. Was born on 11th November, 1923. Peacefully passed away in the night of 15th August, 2011.
06/05/1931 - 09/13/2009
Melinda Warren, 82, Saint Paul, Minnesota, died Setember 13, 2009 at St. Paul’s Care Center. Melinda is survived by her husband of 62 years, Felix, daughter Patricia; sons: Robert and Rupert; her younger sister and many friends and mourn...
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06/07/1933 - 06/23/2004
Shirley Swank was born June 7, 1933 in Des Moines, Iowa the 5th child of Richard Draper and Gilda Brooke. She is survived by her husband and children, and was predeceased in death by her parents and all her siblings.
03/15/1954 - 10/12/2007
Marcia Jenkins, of Lenoir, passed away Oct. 12, 2007, at her residence, at the age of 53. She was the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful wife and mother that ever lived.
03/21/1970 - 01/29/2011
After a courageous battle with cancer, Sandra Dawson left us in the late hours of January 29, 2011, peacefully passing into eternal rest. Her beauty, grace and humor brought love and happiness to everyone she met and she will be remember...
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07/12/1926 - 10/10/2009
Omerine  Myers , long-time resident of both Idaho and Oregon, died suddenly on October 10 2009. She’d just celebrated her 83rd birthday, and recently celebrated her 64th wedding anniversary with her husband, Paul S. Flanders .
01/13/1923 - 10/13/2004
William Thorson peacefully passed away October 13, 2004 surrounded by his children and wife Rose.
12/17/1935 - 09/16/2007
Lynn Bruno died from renal failure at St. John's Hospital, Florida, September 16, 2007. The memory of this incredible woman is cherished by her loving children, grandchildren, numerous mourning relatives and friends.
10/14/1949 - 09/10/2010
Victoria Albright was my beloved sister, who was a breast cancer survivor for 5 years then it came back in her lungs and brain. It hurts to lose my best friend, but God must have had a good reason for taking her away. Victoria was a true Christian...
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